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San Antonio

San Antonio, whose site was first explored by the Spanish in 1691, was permanently established on the horseshoe bend of the Rio San Antonio de Padua (the Indian name of the river was Yanaguana) in 1718. The original name of the settlement was the Villa de Béxar (Hispanics pronounce this as "Bay-har," but the local Anglos pronounce it "Bay-er"), but two settlements grew and eventually coalesced. Villa de Béxar, centered around Military Plaza, became known as the Presidio de Béxar, while a second settlement, Villa de San Fernando, grew around Main Plaza. As the two settlements grew toward each other and then together, they gradually acquired the common name from the first mission, the Mission San Antonio de Valero (founded in 1718, this mission is today more commonly known as The Alamo).

San Antonio's other missions are Mission San José y San Miguel de Aguayo (founded 1720), Mission Concepcion de San Francisco Javier de Nájera (founded 1722), Mission San Francisco de la Espada (1731), and Mission San Juan Capistrano (1731). By 1767, the combined settlements were officially known as San Antonio de Béxar. In 1772, it became the capital of the Spanish Province of Texas.

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