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Jack Keller

Jack Keller welcomes email from readers. He just does not answer it all that frequently. His plate is full and he travels a lot, sometimes going 2-3 weeks without even logging onto a computer. He does, however, welcome your emails and guestbook entries (the guestbook is located at the bottom of The Winemaking Home Page). If you make a donation to support the expenses involved in maintaining this domain (click on link that follows), you will hear from Jack in gratitude.

Because of automated programs that collect email addresses and sell them to spammers, Jack's email address is not given in the clear; you will have to extract it. From the line below, delete the patriotic colors and convert the parentheticals into keyboard characters. You can do it; thousands already have.


May the God of your understanding bless you and watch over you in all that you do, and may you forgive me if I read but do not answer your email. -- Jack Keller