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"Sure I use a computer. You don't expect me to shuffle cards with these nails, do you?" Dolly Parton

I don't plan on putting any card games on this page, but I am hoping we all can have some fun on it, or at least find a little diversion from the norm. The links on this page will take you to other web sites, so you might want to bookmark this page right now so you can find your way back with certainty.


Did you ever try to use all the letters in your name (or your town, school or employer's name) as an anagram? Back when I was a kid, I used the letters in a Scrabble game to spell out "CALIFORNIA," and then rearranged them for what seemed like hours until I came up with "I LOAF IN CAR" and "AFRICAN OIL." Well, now you don't have to waste hours to come up with good anagrams. Just go to the Anagram Genius Server and submit your name, word or phrase. Or, The Internet Anagram Server will produce the anagrams while you wait. Similarly, Brendan's On-Line Anagram Generator will not only do anagrams in English, but has links to generating anagrams in German and French as well. Do you like to solve anagrams, i.e. figure out the anagrams of particular words? Then you'll probably like Everyday Vocabulary Anagrams, a web site where you can do just that. You can waste a lot of time doing anagrams, so don't forget to bookmark this page so you can find your way back!

The Comic Zone

Catch up on the latest adventures of Snoopy, Dilbert, Marmaduke, Warped, (my favorite) Herman, and many more characters from the United Media stable at The Comic Zone. A fun web site with lots of cartoons, games and background information for the kid in each of us.

Computer Stupidities

It really isn't possible to prepare you for how stupid some people are, and if you don't believe me, just go to Computer Stupidities and read a few of these priceless testiments to stupidity. When I first came upon this site, I thought I'd read a couple of categories and surf on. Two hours later, I had read them all. Enjoy them, but come back here when you're done.

The Empirical Laws of Nature

Ben Ciolczynski's Home and Hearth Web Site is filled with insirational pages and messages, but the page I keep bouncing back to is called The Empirical Laws of Nature. These laws are arranged alphabetically and are a real hoot (that's Texas talk) to read. For example, The Airplane Law dictates that..."When the plane you are on is late, the plane you want to transfer to is on time." Similarly, Allen's Law warns that..."Almost anything is easier to get into than out of." These are largely corollaries of "Admiral Shallow-Water" Murphy's famous law , "If anything can go wrong, it will," but still a lot of fun to read.

500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll

If you haven't visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, you should. The next best thing is visiting it online. Among the online exhibits is 500 Songs that Shaped Rock and Roll. The list is alphabetical by song (the arrangement linked to here) or by artist. You can even sing along and recapture those memories.... So sit back and listen to the 500 songs that shaped rock and roll, from "A Change is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke to "Ziggy Stardust" by David Bowie.

The Games Domain

Want still more games? The Games Domain could be just what the doctor ordered. With over 1200 comprehensive game reviews and over 5000 PC, Amiga and Mac game files for downloading, this is one of the most comprehensive directory of games and gaming resources on ther internet.

The Hall of Game

I'm not a computer game fanatic, but I can (and do) get hooked every once in a while. GameCenter has done what I've thought of doing myself, and that's come up with a list of the ten most innovative computer games of all time. I personally think they blew it by not beginning their list with Pong, the game that started it all, but then it isn't my list. So, if you're curious, jump on over to The Hall of Game and see how many of these ten classics you remember. This jump will take you through 11 links, so bookmark this page so you can find your way back.

Herbs that Heal

Did you know that vervain acts like a mild aspirin, that allspice promotes digestion by enhancing the activity of the digestive enzyme trypsin, that cayenne is not only effective at relieving certain severe pains, but ALSO aids in digestion AND lowers cholesterol, or that rosemary aids digestion and may lower the risk of contracting certain kinds of cancer? Did you know that celery seed helps regulate blood pressure AND lower cholesterol levels, that tarragon heals herpes blisters AND also contains 72 potential cancer preventatives, or that turmeric lowers cholesterol AND retards the formation of internal blood clots that trigger many heart attacks and strokes? These facts, all reportedly backed up by medical research, are but the tip of the iceberg of facts found at Herbal Remedies, a subset of the Natural Living channel. The list of herbs reported on is impressive, and of course includes the better known St. John's wort and the famous "4 G's" of herbs -- ginger, ginko, ginsing, and goldenseal. If nothing else, you'll find it fascinating reading.

The Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool

Some people call it ghoulish, some call it sick, but the truth is that a whole bunch of famous people are going to die this year, so why not bet on which ones? At Stiffs.com, home of "The Lee Atwater Invitational Dead Pool," that's what people do. I don't think "betting" is the correct word (for legal reasons), but there is an entry fee that goes into a pool reserved for he or she with the best score. That's why it's call a dead pool. It's worth visiting just to read the obits...


Love poems, stories, quotes, chats, ideas, advice, dedications, postcards, horoscopes, and more...everything needed for expressing love can be found at Lovingyou.com, "Your source for love and romance." The only additional thing you'll need is someone to say it to....

Madam, I'm Adam

The above subtitle is a famous palindrome from at least the 19th century. If you're into palindromes (words or phrases that are identical spelled backwards), then The Palindromist is for you. The Palindromist is a journal for people who write, read, and like palindromes, and is probably the most enjoyable site on the subject. But the palindrome enthusiast will also want to check out The Palindrome Home Page for comparison, the incomparable Neil/Fred's Gigantic List of Palindromes for diversity, and Palindromes Galore for the absolute longest palindrome known to man so far. But bookmark this page before to journey forth, or you may never find your way back!

Need Some Title Graphics for Your Web Site?

This is pretty neat. You can design and create your own personalized title graphics for your web site or for downloading to your printer or word processor -- for free. ZyGraphics' unique system requires no graphic or artistic design expertise, and yet allows a huge range of high quality text and 3D graphic headings to be produced in seconds. The only software you need is your browser. Free, 4-page, personal web sites are also available through the parent company's home page, which you can access through ZyGraphics.

The Netscape Palette

The standard Netscape palette (Netscape.pal) only contains 216 colors. The remainder of the standard "256-color palette" are shades of grey used by Macintosh but not Netscape. If you restrict your web page design and graphic compositions to these Netscape colors, your web pages will look crisper regardless of which browser is used. If you use colors outside this selection, Netscape will "mix" ("dither") them from these standard colors, producing a speckled effect. This chart shows the colors, their hex values for use in HTML encoding, and their RGB values for use in Paint Shop Pro. You can download the Netscape.pal file in zipped form from Jasc Software for use with Paint Shop Pro.

The News Like You've Never Seen It Before

For sheer entertainment value, you really ought to read the news at The Onion, the self-styled "America's Finest News Source." This online e-zine puts Saturday Night Live's newscast to shame and is worthy of a visit if you have a sense of humor. Because you're liable to be there awhile, be sure to bookmark this page so you can find your way back here. Go ahead; bookmark it....

Simon Says, "Six Sick Slick Slim Sycamore Saplings"

Tongue-twisters can be fun, or, as in shibboleth, simply used as a test for detecting foreigners by their pronunciation. Whatever the case and whatever your language, the 1st International Collection of Tongue Twisters has some guaranteed to keep you tongue tied and mispronouncing! With examples in 44 languages (and links galore to additional sites), this has GOT to be the alliterationist's and articulationist's dream site on the web! The Tongue Twister Database also contains a respectable collection, primarily in English. So, really, how much ground could a groundhog grind if a groundhog could grind ground?

The Story Hour

If you like short, humorous stories, then I have a site for you! Uncle Jimbo's Story Hour is about as entertaining as a short story web site can get. The best part is that, despite the story hour title, none of the stories takes anywhere near that long to read. If you read one a day, there are a month's worth of stories here--unless you do this on a 31-day month (even then, you can throw in the "About the Author" page and finish the month). Yew just gotta try this one!

What Does Your Phone Number Spell?

Did you ever wonder what cool things your phone nember spelled but were too busy (or lazy) to sit down and work it out? Or perhaps you've wondered how people and businesses get phone numbers that spell their names or slogans ("Just dial 1-800-DR-LAURA...."). Well, just go to PhoneSpell and enter your phone number or name to find out. If you're about to get a new phone line, you can enter in the 3-digit exchange and PhoneSpell will tell you what, if any, interesting words can be made from it (that doesn't mean the corresponding numbers will be available, but it gives you something to ask for when you place your order for the new line). Finally, you can type in your name, a business name or an interesting 7-letter word and PhoneSpell will tell you the phone number that corresponds to it. An alternative site is Brendan's Phone Anagram Generator. Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can find your way back!

Wrox Color Chooser

Of all the background/foreground color charts and selectors I've found, this is the one I prefer to use for coordinating text, background and links. It offers you three ways to find a color: alphabetically, by shade, and by depth. The hex code for the selected colors is also displayed. It's a neat little table and can be very useful at times, so click right here to check it out.

Last update was November 3rd, 2000.


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