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Vintage Site

"This web site is worth five bottles of Vintage Reserve."

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The Winemaker's Vintage Site Award is my attempt to honor web sites I happen to enjoy, for whatever reason. It might be awarded for excellence in design, presentation, artwork, or content. Then again, it might be awarded simply because the site draws my respect in some way, either for the webmaster who created it, the usefulness of the content, or the elevation of some idea or ideal. I am particularly drawn to family oriented sites, but not exclusively so by any means. Sites that annoy me in some major way don't stand a chance, but I'll give every nomination a fair evaluation.

If you think a particular web site is at least deserving of consideration for The Winemaker's Vintage Site Award, drop me a line via the link below and tell me who you are, what the web site is called, where it's located (yes, the URL), and why you think it's deserving. If you happen to be the webmaster of the nominated site, tell me what the purpose of the site is if it isn't obvious from the title. I'll read what you have to say, take a look at the site, and draw my own conclusion. If I genuinely enjoy the site, I'll notify the webmaster concerned via email and confer the award.

The Winemaker's Angels of the Rose Award

Angels of the Rose

"Angels and the Rose" photo composition by Laila Zamata Tawantinsuyu, 1997, all rights reserved by artist

The Winemaker's Angels of the Rose Award was created out of frustration. There are some sites that are so exceptional that they simply deserve to be singled out in some exceptional way. The idea of creating an award that stands out from the crowd of awards was born, but frankly I doubted my own abilities to create it. Then one day I began corresponding with Laila Zamata Tawantinsuyu and visited her web site and on-line PhotoShop gallery. When I saw her "Angels and the Rose*," I knew I had found the exceptional graphic I was looking for. I wrote her and graciously received her permission to use the graphic in an award. The next day, the "Angels of the Rose" award was born, a sample of which is displayed above.

PLEASE READ: You cannot apply for this award, so don't! When I happen upon a web site that I feel is miles above the norm in design, execution and content, I will confer the award. My intent is to confer it rarely. But every web site I visit, whether on my own or because it is nominated for my Vintage Site Award, will be considered for this award, even if only for a nanosecond.

My name is Jack Keller, I make wine, and I'll be looking for your email nomination.

The Winemaker's Vintage Site Award was created on
September 30th, 1997. This page was accidentally deleted and then recreated on May 27th, 1998.

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