Victoria, 1997-2011 by Jack B. Keller, Jr. of Pleasanton, Texas.
All Rights Reserved. Copyright protection extends to the written
and digitally displayed poems as a whole or in part. This material may not be
reproduced or redistributed without the expressed written permission of the Author.

This poem was written about lust fulfilled. I think it needs no other introduction.


There are moments too intense
to hold their time at bay,
bodies shared without pretense
and no one to betray.

There are lucid moments spent
in transcendental bliss,
richly perfumed with the scent
of lust's demanding kiss.

Lips descend onto that part
where feelings go insane,
where frictions open up the heart
and all one's passions drain.

Lust consumes me from within
and beats inside my chest,
drawing me into that den
where all potentials rest.

Take me, lover of this night,
possess me from above,
take my passion's thrusting might
into your body's glove.

Hell's own hunger drives my need
with measured beat and rhyme,
spilling forth essential seed
to plant the dreams of time.

Substance given without trace,
a carpet without string,
yet so real that I embrace
the lyrics that they sing.

Through labyrinths of reason
a dream forms in the mind,
reality's off-season
seen through a crack in time.

Jack Keller

This page was created June 2nd, 2000.

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