When lovers part and time takes its toll, the consolation prize is friendship if things haven't gotten ugly.


A heart can feel a bit confused--
emotions drained, perhaps abused.
A trust is placed, and tread upon;
a love once given is withdrawn.
The safest course seems to forswear
and give the heart time to repair.

Hear me now--for this is true--
all moments pass for me and you.
This moment, too, will pass away
and give birth to a newborn day.
The frost will melt, new growth appear,
and Spring's delight will fill your ear.

If you need time to mend your heart,
I'll suffer through this year apart.
If memory and heart are fair,
I have no reason to dispair.
For even if our day must end,
you know I'll always be your friend.

Sometimes a friend can help one through
those days when no one else will do.
I'll be there with an offered hand
that gives support, makes no demand.
Extend your finger to my own,
and you will never be alone.

Jack Keller

This page was created June 2nd, 2000.

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