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The people in the Texas tourism industry (yes, tourism is an industry) like to say, "Texas, it's a whole other country," and they are right. Texas is as versitile as it is big, and if you've ever driven from Orange to El Paso, or from Brownsville to Amarillo, you know how big Texas is. Rich in history, varied in industry, and diverse in landscapes and cultures, Texas has something to offer everyone, which is probably why it has passed New York in population to become the second most populous state in the union. Pickup trucks now outnumber horses and Brahman now outnumber longhorns, but the independent spirit and resourcefulness of the cowboy still thrive in the wide open spaces and boom towns of yesterday in that place the Spanish called Tejas (pronounced "Teh-haas").

Come explore Texas on the internet through some of the links below, and if they wet your appetite to see and experience the real thing, then plan your next vacation to a place so unique that wars were fought over it and six different flags of sovereignty have flown over it.

A Few Texas Links

City.Net Texas
Fun Things to Do in Texas
It's Happening in Texas!
Lone Star Junction
Roughstock's History of Country Music
South Texas Outdoor Recreation Pages
State of Texas Government
Texas Gallery
Texas Hill Country Life Online
Texas Monthly
Texas Parks and Wildlife
Texas Resource Listing
Texas Screen Saver
Texas Through Time
Texas Cities and Towns

The Tastes of Texas

Backyard Barbeque Buff
Barbeque Recipes
Barbecue'n on the Internet
BBQ Recipe Index
Cajun Recipes
Chile-Heads Home Page
Chili (and related) Recipes
Chili Gazette
Chili.Net -- Chili Around the World
Chili Recipes Collection
Cookin' with Heat
Fiery Foods Super Site
Garry's BBQ Pit
Garry's Chili Pot
Garry's Texas Cooking
Jalepeno Cafe
Judy's Judy's Chili Index
Rick's BBQ Page
MexAssist - Chile Recipes
Smoky Hollow Barbeque Cooking
Texas Cooking - For Cooks and Other Hungry Persons
Texas Foods
Texas' Best Beef Recipes and Cooking Tips
Texas Foods (1)
Texas Foods (2)
Texas Recipes - Chili
Texas' Best Beef Recipes and Cooking Tips
The Barbeque Page
The Creole and Cajun Recipe Page
Vittles! Bubba-L's BBQ Site

Some Honorary Texans' Web Sites

The Cowboy Page
Pamela's Pure Country
Planet Garth: The Unofficial Internet Site of Garth Brooks
Shania Twain Homepage

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