The setting sun in one place can be the rising sun in another. This poem, written in San Francisco to someone in Japan, explores that possibility.


When I was through with work today,
and driving home, beside the bay,
inside my head I heard you say,
"I miss you, Jack, in every way."

The sound was real, the voice was true,
and in my mind all I could do
was send the message back to you,
"Oh sweetheart dear, I miss you too."

In reverie, my thoughts regressed
back to a time when we caressed
each other's buttocks, hips and chest,
and joined as one at passion's crest.

Before I knew where I was at
I'd driven far beyond my flat;
ahead, the setting sun just sat
an inch above the ocean's matte.

I found a spot and parked my car
and stood and gazed upon our star,
and thought of you, and where you are,
and yet it did not seem so far.

The sun reached down and kissed the sea
as orange-red rays washed over me,
and in Japan they wash on thee
in mated synchronicity.

Jack Keller

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