Winemaking and Homebrew Shops
Online and Off
"You've got to buy this stuff somewhere...."

This is, at best, an incomplete list of winemaking and homebrew shops. It contains only the ones I am aware of. You'll notice that I list some shops that carry homebrew but not winemaking supplies, and here's why. Almost all of them carry yeast that will work if you get in a pinch, sanitizers and additives you can use, and who knows? If you ask them nicely (please, don't kowtow!), they might even improve their image (and their business) and carry a few winemaking supplies for you in the future. Getting them to carry corks will be the hard part. They tend to think all bottles should be capped. And in a pinch, you can bottle your wine in beer bottles and cap 'em. I won't tell a soul....

If you find any dead links or and know of sites you'd like me to add, please, email me with the references. My name is Jack Keller, and I'm always open to suggestions.


United States

Australian Capital Territory

New South Wales

Northern Territory

  • Humpty Doo, NT: The Bush Shop
  • Palmerston, NT: Bootleg Barn


South Australia



Western Australia

Last update was November 8th, 2007.

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