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Book Review

Jon Iverson's
Home Winemaking Step by Step

The single best resource I've found for making wine from grapes....

Jon Iverson. Home Winemaking Step by Step (Second Edition).
Published by Stonemark Publishing Company, Medford, Oregon, 1998.

(Reviewed for Amazon.com by Jack Keller, The Winemaking Home Page)

If you've never before made wine from grapes but want to try it, or if you've been making it for years but simply want to improve your skills and your wine, Home Winemaking Step by Step is the single best resource for that task.

Jon Iverson has written a book anyone can use with confidence. His writing is straightforward, concise and lay-oriented, and both beginner and advanced winemaker will feel this book was writen for them. For the beginner, it is refreshingly complete. For the advanced winemaker, it contains nuggets of technique and insight that will prove valuable and useful.

Iverson's treatment of acidity, cold soaking and stabilization, extended and carbonic macerations, malolactic fermentation, sparkling wine methods, fining, and oaking are pregnant with value. While most would agree these are advanced topics, Jon works them into the overall process so effortlessly that the beginner might never know he is being ushered through a collegiate. Similarly, his appendices are loaded with procedures, tables, insights, and resources all will find useful.

If you make or want to make grape wines, you really ought to have this book.

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