Book Review

American Wine Society's Growing Wine Grapes

If you're gonna plant grapes, read this book!

American Wine Society. Growing Wine Grapes. J. R. McGrew, et al. Published by G.W. Kent, Inc., Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1994.

(Reviewed for by Jack Keller, The Winemaking Home Page)

You could probably learn a lot from this little book even if you weren't going to plant a few vines, but if you're even thinking of growing grapes, this is a great little primer. It isn't going to make you a viticulturist, but it will prepare you for what you're about to get into. In the process, it will probably help you avoid more than a few mistakes.

The American Wine Society does select good authors. Each chapter is tightly written, adequately illustrated, and easily read and absorbed. Most are simply practical, as they should be. A couple border on being scholarly, which is a plus. Dr. John R. McGrew wrote six of the ten chapters. He's no T. V. Munson, but he is a professional grape breeder and a darn good winemaker, too. You can take his word to the bank.

If you think you might like to plant a few vines out back, buy this book. Read it cover-to-cover and then read Jeff Cox's From Vines to Wines. Long before the planting, you'll be dreaming of future harvests and vintage wines.

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