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Requested Recipe:


"I have being trying to get a recipe for making wine from mint jelly.... Do you have one or
do you have any suggestions."
Oscar C. Gonzalez, Robstown, Texas


I love mint jelly, I love it with lamb, with pork chops, as a glaze on ham, on English muffins, and with peanut butter. I agree with Oscar. It should make a good wine, and in fact, it does. But it makes a better wine if the body is enhanced with some white grape concentrate.

I make this wine dry with 12% alcohol.

Mint Jelly Wine

Dissolve jelly in room temperature water with pectic enzyme and thawed grape concentrate in primary. Cover and set aside 12 hours. Stir in all remaining ingredients except yeast, recover primary, and set aside another 12 hours. Use hydrometer to ensure specific gravity is at or around 1.090. Add activated yeast starter and recover primary. When vigorous fermentation subsides, rack to secondary, top up if required, and attach airlock. Rack again after 6 weeks and again after 4 weeks. This is a dry wine. If you desire it sweet, stabilize at second racking and sweeten at third racking. Whether sweet or dry, age 8 additional weeks and bottle. [Author's own recipe.]

My thanks to Oscar C. Gonzalez for requesting this recipe.


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