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Requested Recipe:


"I was thinking maybe green tea with ginger might make a refreshing drink for
hot summer days (chilled of course)."
Robert M., Armstrong, B.C., Canada


Tea drinkers know what non-tea drinkers can only hear about, surmise or be ignorant of: green tea and black tea are not even close to being the same. Most "Tea Wine" recipes are for black tea, and recipes that include tea (for tannin) mean black tea. Green tea has a whole different taste and is a healthier tea for your body.

I've made green tea wine and ginger wine, but not both together. But it shouldn't be difficult. This is my first guess at it, so tweak it a bit if the ginger doesn't seem right.

Green Tea & Ginger Wine

Boil water and pour over all ingredients but yeast (in primary). When water cools to under 100 degrees F., add activated yeast. When specific gravity drops to 1.015-1.010, strain tea, ginger and zest. Transfer liquid to secondary and attach airlock. Ferment to dryness, rack, top up, and reaffix airlock. Stabilize when clear. Wait 30 days, sweeten if desired, and rack into bottles. Allow 3-6 months to smooth out. [Author's own recipe]

My thanks to Robert M. of Armstrong, B.C., Canada for inquiring about this wine.


This page was updated June 11th, 2005

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