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Requested Recipe:

Carambola (Star Fruit) Wine

Numerous people have asked for this recipe. I posted it,
and then mistakenly deleted it, so here it is again


Star fruit (Averrhoa carambola) produce gorgeous yellow fruit about 5 inches long. The fruit have five deep ribs, producing a star-shape when cut cross-ways. The fruit grow on an ornamental tree up to 30 feet tall. Native to Malaysia, they are hardy in Zone 10 and down into the tropics. White and purple flowers give way to the fruit, but cultivated varieties may have pink flowers on a smaller tree.

The fruit are sour until ripe, then becoming sweet to very sweet, depending on the variety. Cultivars are Arkin, Fwant Tung, Kajang, Kari, Maha, Sri Kembangan, Sri-ket, and Wheeler. Kari make the best wine.


Slice fruit thinly, place in nylon straining bag and tie the bag closed. Place all ingredients except ascorbic acid, pectic enzyme and yeast in primary and cover with sanitized muslin. Wait 12 hours, add pectic enzyme and recover primary. Wait 12 hours, add activated yeast and again recover primary. After fermentation becomes apparent, squeeze bag gently daily. When specific gravity drops to 1.020 to 1.010, drip drain bag and transfer all liquid to secondary. Attach airlock and wait for fermentation to almost stop. Rack, top up and refit airlock. Wait 30 days and rack again. Rack every 45-60 days until wine is clear and goes 30 days without dropping even a fine dusting of sediment. Add another crushed and dissolved Campden tablet and the ascorbic acid, wait another 30 days and rack again. Stabilize wine and sweeten to taste. Even if you like your wine dry, sweeten a little and taste it. Sugar really brings up the flavor of camabola. Wait 10-14 days and bottle. Allow 6 months to mature. [Author's own recipe]

My sincerest thanks to all who requested this recipe.

This page was reposted December 2nd, 2003

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