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Requested Recipe:


"We are about to harvest a bumper crop of zucchini over here and were wondering if you
could offer us a recipe for a good wine from them." Hilary Cameron, Coventry, England


Zucchini squash are a delicious vegetable anyway it is prepared, so it stands to reason it would make a delicious wine. I wish I could attest to this, but I cannot. I have long desired to make it, but have never found a recipe. However, having made two previous squash wines (if we don't count pumpkin among them), I think I know how I would do it. Since Hilary asked, it's time to tell.


Bring 3 cups water to boil and dissolve sugar in it completely. Set aside. Meanwhile, Select, wash and chop the unpeeled zucchini cross-wise into 1/2-inch pieces. Mix all ingredients except the yeast in primary, cover, and set aside for 10-12 hours. Add activated yeast and recover primary. Stir every 6-8 hours for 3 days, then strain off solids and transfer liquid into secondary. Press solids lightly and hold liquid from them, covered. When vigorous fermentation subsides, add reserved liquid, top up if necessary, and attach airlock. Rack after 4 weeks, top up and reattach airlock. Rack again after additional 4 weeks. If wine has not cleared, add amylase according to instructions and set aside additional month. Fine with Bentonite if desired, rack 10 days later, stabilize and sweeten to taste. Wait 3 weeks before bottling to see if wine is indeed stable. Wine should be aged 3 months after bottling. [Author's own recipe]

My thanks to Hilary Cameron of Coventry, England for this request.

This page was updated July 22nd, 2003

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