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Requested Recipe:


"Do you have a recipe for making wine from canned apples?" Rik Skonnord, location unknown


In the full text of the request, it was obvious that the requestor was asking about apples that were canned at home, not tinned apples. However, this recipe should work for either. A word here on variations. In the canning of apples at home, many recipes call for and many people include spices such as cinnamon bark, cloves, and even allspice berries and/or nutmeg. This recipe will work just as well with apples canned with these ingredients included, but remove the bark, cloves and berries before fermenting the apples as their flavors will already have permeated the pulp and, due to their age, their presence in the must could color the wine in ways not desired.


Boil one quart water and dissolve sugar in it thoroughly. Set aside covered to cool. Meanwhile, drain apples, remove any canning spices and reserve canning syrup in refrigerator for later use. Put apples in blender and set on coarsest setting. Run blender just long enough to chop the apples, not make a puree. When sugar-water cools to room temperature, put it, another quart of water, and all remaining ingredients except yeast in primary and cover. Set aside 12-16 hours. Add activated yeast and cover primary. Stir daily until vigorous fermentation subsides (about 10-14 days). Strain through finely-meshed nylon straining bag, squeezing only lightly. Pour liquid into secondary and add one cup reserved canning syrup and water to fill secondary to mid-shoulder (leave 4 inches head-space). Attach airlock and set aside. Rack after 45 days, topping up with water or apple wine so as to leave only 3/4 inch of headspace. Refit airlock and set aside. Repeat racking every 45 days until wine clears, adding additional crushed Campden tablet at 2nd and 4th racking. If wine fails to clear after two rackings, add additional teaspoon of pectic enzyme. Rack and stabilize after wine clears and bulk age 60 days. Sweeten to taste and rack into bottles. If spiced apples were used, this wine is excellent served warm after aging 9 months. [Author's own recipe]

My thanks to Rik Skonnord, location unknown, for this request.

This page was updated January 28th, 2003

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