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Requested Recipe:


"I am searching for a recipe for elderberry and blueberry wine
that uses dried elderberries and fresh blueberries."
Brett Moloney, Australia


What a great combination these two berries make! But I have found them best in combination when made into a port-style wine. The recipe below makes a 16% dry wine which is then fortified to 20%, sweetened with grape concentrate, and aged. If you are at all unsure of the potential of your yeast, use Red Star Pasteur Red, Lalvin ICV-D21 or Lalvin Syrah. These will all reach 16% alcohol and then die off, especially if the food is used up.

Blueberry-Elderberry Port

Wash and crush blueberries in nylon straining bag and strain juice into primary fermentation vessel. Add dried elderberries to bag, tie closed and place in primary. Stir in dry malt, sugar, acid blend, yeast energizer, water, and one of the Campden tablets. Stir well to dissolve sugar and other solids. The starting s.g. should be 1.118 to yield 16% abv. Cover the primary, set aside for 12 hours. Add pectic enzyme and cover for another 12 hours. Add yeast, cover again, and daily stir ingredients and press pulp in nylon bag to extract flavor. When specific gravity is 1.030 (about 5-7 days days), strain juice from bag and rack liquor off sediments into glass secondary. Fit fermentation trap and ferment to dryness. Rack in three weeks and again in two months. When wine is clear and stable, add red grape concentrate, brandy, the second Campden tablet, and glycerin. Let wine rest another two months, rack again and bottle. Allow a year to mature. [Author's own recipe]

My thanks to Brett Moloney of Australia for this request.

This page was updated on December 7th, 2008

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