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Requested Recipe:


"I need a recipe for dired elderberry wine because
they don't grow here."
Kerry Kitzleman, location unknown


There are two times when dried elderberries are welcome--when wild elderberries do not grow locally and when wild elderberries are out of season. In both cases, dried elderberries are most welcome. You can buy dried elderberries from most homebrew/winemaking shops--brick or online--or pick plenty of wild ones and dry them in a dehydrator.


Bring water to boil with sugar. Stir until sugar is dissolved and water clear. Wash dried elderberries and put in nylon straining bag with several marbles for weight. Tie bag and put in primary. Pour boiling sugar-water over elderberries and cover primary. When cool, stir in crushed Campden, yeast nutrient and acid blend until dissolved. Recover and set aside 12 hours. Add activated yeast and ferment until s.g. drops to 1.010, stirring and squeezing bag daily. Transfer liquid to secondary, fit airlock and ferment to dryness. Rack every 30 days until wine clears and doesn't drop even a dusting of lees over a 30-day period. Bottle and enjoy. Improves with age. You can add pound chopped raisins or sultanas to elderberries to improve body. [Author's own recipe]

My thanks to Kerry Kitzleman, location unknown, for requesting this recipe.

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