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Requested Recipe:


" Any recommendations about blending elderberries
with another fruit...? "


I have already posted recipes for elderberry wines, but the following recipe makes a very, very nice rosé. However, do not make this wine and then drink it without proper aging. It requires a year under cork to mature.


Bring 1 quart of water to boil. Meanwhile, wash and cull out any unsound berries and put them in primary. Pour boiling water over berries and let them soak. Put another quart of water on to boil. After 20 minutes, crush berries and strain through nylon straining bag, squeezing well to extract juice. Add minced golden raisins or sultanas to elderberry juice. To that, add the quart of boiling water and cover primary. Put another quart of water on to boil. When water boils, peel and slice bananas and add to boiling water. Cover pot and boil for 25 minutes. Skim any scum off water and strain to remove fruit. Add to primary and put 1 pint of water on to boil. Stir in sugar until completely dissolved. Add to primary and cover again. When cooled to room temperature, stir in citric acid, yeast nutrients and pectic enzyme. Cover and set aside for 12 hours. Add activated yeast, recover, and set aside. Stir twice daily for 3 days. Strain, transfer to secondary, top up if required, and fit airlock. Rack every 60 days until wine falls clear and no sediments form during 30-day period. Stabilize and bottle dry. Allow to age one year. [Adapted from Judith Irwin's A Step by Step Guide to Making Home Made Wine]

My thanks to Uffarbach at rec.crafts.winemaking for requesting this recipe.

This page was updated on September 1st, 2000

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