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Requested Recipe:


"I have heard of a cranberry-raspberry wine, but don't
know where to find the recipe. Can you help? "
Adison Martin


Both cranberry and raspberry are fairly tart fruit. Combining them to make a wine is certainly possible, but the exact combination of fruit required to make a good wine would require a bit of experimentation. Instead, I have found a passing reference to this wine in Terry Garey's book, using frozen cranraspberry concentrate. The recipe is not exact, so I have diddled with it a bit to devise the recipe below. I have not made this wine, but intend to. I fully expect it to work as stated.

Cranberry-Raspberry Juice Wine

Thaw the cranraspberry concentrate and pour in gallon jug. Add sugar, crushed Campden, tannin, and yeast nutrient. Add water, leaving 3-4 inches of air above liquid. Stir thoroughly with wooden dowel until all sugar is dissolved (or just screw cap on jug, pick it up and shake it until sugar dissolves, being sure you remove the cap afterwards). Cover mouth of jug with paper towel held by rubber band and set aside 12 hours. Add pectic enzyme, stir, recover, and set aside another 12 hours. Add activated wine yeast, recover, and set in warm place. Stir daily until specific gravity drops to 1.020 (about 2 weeks), then top up, fit airlock and set in warm place again. Rack when s.g. reaches 1.000 (30-45 days), top up, refit airlock, and set in cooler place. Rack again in 60 days and again 60 days after that, topping up and refitting airlock each time. Wine should now be dry, clear and ready to bottle. This wine tends to be tart so taste first. If too dry, dissolve one crushed Campden tablet and 1/2 tsp potassium sorbate in one cup of the wine and add to main body of wine. Sweeten to taste, refit airlock and set aside 10 days. Rack into bottles and age 6 months before tasting. [Adapted from Terry Garey's The Joy of Home Winemaking]

My thanks to Adison Martin for this request.

This page was updated on March 22nd, 2000

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