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"Celery wine?" Yuri Ayatskov, Novgorod, Russia


This was the shortest email request I have ever received and the first from Russia. I shall not pretend to know anything about this wine except what I have read about it, for I have never made it. But you can make wine from celery.

C.J.J. Berry reports this is a slightly bitter wine but well suited as an aperitif. Leo Zanelli warns that some people find celery wine to be insipid, while others swear by it and produce excellent wine to back up their claims. Berry uses both white and green celery. Zanelli uses only white celery, warning that the common green variety is not well-suited for wine. I will simply publish the recipes and let you choose among them.

Celery Wine (1)

Wash celery, trim away leaves, and chop into one-inch lengths. Put in pot with water and bring to boil for 30 minutes. Strain without pressing and use pulp for soup or other dishes. Pour water into primary and add sugar. Use Demerara sugar for a golden color, light brown sugar for darker amber color, and white granulated sugar for more neutral colored wine. Stir until sugar is dissolved, then stir in yeast nutrient. Cover and set aside until cool, then sprinkle yeast in top without stirring. Recover and allow yeast to propagate. When fermentation is strong, stir and let ferment four days. Transfer into secondary and fit airlock. When wine clears, rack into clean secondary, top up and refit airlock. Set aside until completely dry, then rack into bottles or make into an aperitif. For the latter, stabilize, sweeten to taste, wait 10 days, then rack into bottles. [Adapted from C.J.J. Berry's First Steps in Winemaking]

Celery Wine (2)

Clean celery, trim off leaves and chop finely. Combine water and celery in pot and bring to boil. Simmer until tender. Stir in sugar and stir until dissolved. Strain into secondary and allow to cool. When room temperature, stir in citric acid, yeast nutrient and activated yeast. Cover until fermentation is strong, then fit airlock and set aside. Rack after 30 days. Top up, refit airlock and ferment additional 60 days. Rack, stabilize, sweeten if desired, wait 10 days, and rack into bottles. Can be concumed immediately. [Adapted from Leo Zanelli's Home Winemaking from A to Z]

My thanks to Yuri Ayatskov, Novgorod, Russia for the request.

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