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Requested Recipe:


"I read about a wine made from cranberries and currants.
Do you have a recipe for it?"
Julian Herrera


Cranberries make about the best non-grape wine there is, so using it as a base with another ingredient is a good choice. I'm not sure which recipe Julian is speaking of, but Terry Garey mentions making a wine with a pound of currants and two pounds of cranberries. She doesn't provide a recipe, but the following should work just fine.

Cranberry-Currant Wine

Prepare invert sugar (see button below). Put water on to boil while washing and culling through your cranberries and currants. Chop the cranberries roughly (with chopping knife or electric food chopper) and add with currants in nylon straining bag. Tie bad, put in primary, and crush currants with hands or piece of hardwood. When water boild vigorously, pour over nylon bag. Add invert sugar, tannin, pectic enzyme, and yeast nutrient. Cover primary and set aside for 12 hours. Add activated yeast. Punch down the bag twice daily (do not squeeze). After 7 days, drip drain the bag (do not squeeze) and discard pulp. Recover and let specific gravity drop to 1.015. Rack into secondary, fit airlock and put in a dark place. Rack every 2 months for six months. Stabilize, refit airlock and return to dark place for 4 months. Rack, sweeten if desired and bottle. Age additional 6 months in dark place. Serve chilled and enjoy the color, bouquet and exquisite taste. [Author's own recipe, inspired by Terry Garey]

My thanks to Julian Herrera for the request.

This page was updated on November 9th, 1999

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