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Requested Recipe:

Garlic Wine

"We are looking for a recipe for garlic wine (used for cooking).
My father made some of this once and stopped making it. We loved
it and want to get a recipe. I think he said he may have gotten it
Gourmet or Bon Appetite. He said it took a LOT of garlic
and there were raisins used in making it."
Marisa Clark


Garlic wine has many uses in cooking and is a great wine to make and present to friends as gifts. I have a personal garlic wine recipe, but doubt if it is the one you seek. However, it has the two ingredients you mentioned, so perhaps it will do as well. It requires elephant garlic, the giant-cloved garlic often found in super markets, but you can use regular garlic in it's place by using 2-1/2 times the amount. I will write it out both ways for you.


Break cloves from garlic clusters and peel cloves. Slice cloves very thinly. This may take up to an hour to accomplish. Put water on to boil. Finely chop or mince the raisins and combine with sliced garlic in nylon straining bag and tie bag. Put one pound of the sugar and all remaining ingredients except yeast in primary and stir well to dissolve sugar in water. Cover primary with cloth and allow to sit 24 hours. Sprinkle yeast over surface of must (do not stir into liquid). Yeast will activate within 1-2 days, at which time it can be stirred. Ferment 7 days, stirring twice daily. Lift bag of pulp and squeeze well to extract maximum juice (wear sterlized rubber gloves to prevent hands from smelling of garlic for the next week !). Discard pulp, add remaining sugar, stir very well to dissolve sugar, transfer liquor to secondary, and fit airlock. Rack after 30 days and then every 3 weeks until wine clears, but rack at least four times. After clearing, wait 3 additional weeks, stabilize, wait another 10 days, rack, and bottle into bottles using screw caps. If wine does not clear after 6 rackings, stabilize and add fining. Wait 14 days, rack and bottle into wine bottles with screw caps. This is a cooking wine and can be used immediately. Refrigerate after opening. [Author's recipe]

My thanks to Marisa Clark and the Clark family for the request.

This page was updated on November 27th, 1998.

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