Recipients of The Winemaker's Angels of the Rose Award

Angels of the Rose Sample Award

"When you witness exceptional effort, you should recognize it."

I created The Winemaker's Angels of the Rose Award to confer upon the rare, but exceptionally excellent, web site I might visit. Indeed, I had a particular web site in mind when I created the award. It cannot be applied for and I suspect it will rarely be awarded, but it remains there on my server just in case. It would please me, and undoubtedly the recipients' webmasters, if you would visit the sites below and see for yourself whether this award was judiciously conferred.

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Absinth's Special FriendAbsinth's Home: This is an extraordinary web site. The graphics
and poetry and content are all worth the visit, but best of all is the
feeling of caring and love that prevails throughout. Finally, there
are free borders and backgrounds for those who are looking for
something really stunning. Stop by and visit her many pages and
several sites, and have some coffee in her kitchen....

Kimberly's Xena PageKimberly's Xena Page and Kimberly's Xena Page 2: These are two
works of graphic art! Beautiful titles, buttons and images adorn every
page in a pleasingly cohesive manner. All I can say, Kimberly, is wow!
You can bet I'll be back to watch these sites grow....

Ladies of the HeartLadies of the Heart: The home page of this noble sisterhood is a model of
balance, beauty, design, and selective content. You always know when you
arrive at a LOTH web site, and their home page is no different. Dedicated
to service, fraternity and web excellence (my interpretation), LOTH sites
often set the standards the rest of us should emulate -- beginning with this

OakchaseThe Lady of Passion and Mystery: Diana Dru's sites, all accessible from
here, are some of the more beautiful and delightful sites on the web. Certain
pages may take a while to load, but it's worth it. I've visited them often and
every time am enthralled by the artwork, content, and design excellence.
Visit her and see if you don't agree.

Maeve's Secret RealmMaeve Silvermoon's Secret Sidhe Realm: What a pleasure it is to visit
Maeve's Secret Realm! Excellent--often exceptional--graphics adorn
each page, and selected quotes accent the themes with beauty and grace.
Throughout it all, the faeries reign in a most benign and unobtrusive
way. Visit Maeve's realm and see if I'm exaggerating. I'm confident the
experience will be both rewarding and entertaining.

Lacie's Many Faces in My MirrorMany Faces in My Mirror: This one, too, takes a while to load, but
like Diana Dru's site, is well worth the wait. Like most sites, to get
the most out of it, you have to follow all of the internal links. Rich in
excellent graphics, content, poetry, and beauty, this one is for those
of us who like pretty things. Thank you, Lacie, for the experience.

ReNATssance ArtReNATssance Art: Natale Williams' site takes a while to load, but like
many sites that have won this award, is well worth the wait. Natale
provides the history of art from the Renaissance to the Impressionism era.
Excellent graphics, content and design make this a pleasure to explore.
Thank you, Natale, and count on my return visit.

UFO'sUFO's -- the Beginning of a New World: You can spend an
awful lot of time at Karen Lyster's marvelous website and
not see it all. I know, because I've done exactly that. UFO's
are but one of many topics explored in depth and beautifully
presented. I invite you to join me there and lose yourself in
provocative thought....

The Widow's WebThe Widow's Web: Mary Broussard's signature,
like Absinth's, is all over the web and with good
reason. Her graphics are downright great and her
Web Prestige movement is both needed and
appreciated. My hat is off to you, Mary, and thank
you for doing so much for so many so often.

ScaramoucheScaramouche: This site is about music, poetry and graphics
and their ability to stimulate, soothe and inspire. In all of
these areas this site does extremely well, but in the end it
is the presentation of the subjects that first catches and
dazzles the eye. An impressive use of Macromedia's Flash
programming. This isn't programming for the sake of
programming, but rather programming that works well at
presenting an effect. And I, for one, like it a lot.

Last update was May 29th, 2001.

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