Recipients of The Winemaker's Vintage Site Award

"When you witness exceptional effort, you should recognize it."

The Winemaker's Vintage Site Award is conferred, as they say, "at my pleasure." This is a subjective award, but one which I do not pass out frivously. The sites listed below are ones which have pleased me in some way or another--usually in many ways--and demonstrate both imagination hand hard work. It would please me, and undoubtedly the sites' webmasters, if you would visit them and judge for yourself.

Some of these awards have gone to sites which have conferred an award to The Winemaking Home Page, and this is neither an accident nor a quid pro quo arrangement. Sites which confer awards usually are themselves outstanding sites, the products of hundreds of hours of coding and experimentation. But in all honesty, at least half of these awarded sites neither requested an award evaluation or knew my site and award even existed until I bestowed the award on them, and that's the way it should be....

p.s. I stopped listing sites that have received this award in December 1998, but the award is still being presented....

Ann's Art: C.J. Moss has created a beautiful web site for the artwork of Annette K. Titerence. In addition to her gallery of original oils and acrylics, she has a cyber-postcard creation page that features her work. Crisp, clean and uncluttered....

Adaptive Leadership: Dr. Charles Albano's web site is not for everyone, but you should give it a click if you're the least bit curious what "adaptive leadership" is all about. Without getting into the commercial side of it, I enjoyed it very much. Dr. Albano's leadership poetry, his favorite links, and his poetry published outside his site (he has links to it) are all worth visiting. This is a very clean web site.

AG2 Wife's Home Page: A Navy wife put up a home page to honor her husband, her family, and loved ones lost. Simple, poignant and appropriate, despite dyslexia-associated mistakes. I like it!

Axel's Homeworld: There's something here for just about everyone with a computer, and there are versions in English and in German. For me, it certainly deserved a bookmark!

The AstroWeb: AstroMan and AstroLady bring variety and helpfulness to our monitors, from astronomy to Labradors to Porches to starting your own webring. Congrats to these two friends from "Down Under."

BJ's World: The beauty, balance and sensitivity found here is heart warming.

The Booze Zone: Barcillo pours so much of himself into his pages that I had to present him the award.

Chandra's Web Pages: This is a wonderful (and somewhat heavy) site, filled with something for everyone, including Faye-Linda's "little Pages" for kids and some wonderful poetry. The overall message, however, is very serious and worth absorbing. Please do....

Chuck, Your Memory Walks Beside Me....: Artist and poet Ann Boyles Gerstein dedicated this site to her late husband, rodeo bull rider Chuck Boyles who was killed by a bull he rode in Amarillo, Texas. Art, poetry, and love are all found here in abundance.

Coker's Coop: This is the Coker family's web site, filled with love and good old American values. I always feel good after visiting a place like this. Be sure to read "Butterfly Kisses" and see if it doesn't trigger memories....

D~Mentia's Worlds: What a great ride this site offers! Original graphics, fantasy, role-playing, online games, freebies, causes, cyber adoptions, webrings galore, and much, much more. I've been there about five times now; I don't know why it only occurred to me now to present her this award....

Dreamer's Web: There are many tribute pages on the web, but few as moving as this one by a grandmother who just recently lost two grandchildren. Thank you, J-Lynn, for pointing me to it.

Garry Howard's Home Page: This is an exceptional cooking page that links to Garry's Home Cooking, Garry's Chili Pot, Garry's Texas Foods, etc. Each page is well implemented, separately themed, and contains valuable information separate from the recipes themselves. I like it, and have linked two of his pages to my "Texas" page.

George's Jungle: I must say that I simply adore this site and the imagination of its creator.

Ivy's Place: This site is visually balanced and seeped in love and concern for her fellow man. Read her "Soap Opera" and count your blessings. Then marvel that she turned out alright and as loving as she did.

Kris' Home Page: This young man (Kris) has done one heck of a job creating an entertaining and interesting home page. He also pays tribute to his cyber friends and their home pages, but hey -- who wouldn't?

The Lady of Passion and Mystery: This is one of the more amazing sites on the web. It takes a while to load, but it's well worth it. Great artwork and some very nice backgrounds for downloading. Go there.

The Leahy Family's Home Page: I very much loved exploring this site, which is both introspective and extrospective in nature and content. There's a lot of love and wholesome fun here....

Luddy's Now and Forever: This is a brand new website and an excellent initial presentation. I have no doubt it will just get better as time goes by. Good poetry!

Martin's Dreams: When you run across the personal home page of a professional web designer and artist, it shows. Martin Raskovsky's site is a collection of original poems, stories and dreams llustrated with the author's photographs. The site is presented in English, French and Spanish. Very nice....

The Martin's Home Page: All I can say is I like it and visit two of it's pages ("The Rod Warrior" and "MO Money") often.

Maximaphily and Cartophily: Lucian Millis' well designed and executed site is a virtual work of art. Beautiful graphics, clean presentation and informative content make this a pleasant oasis on the web. This is how a web site ought to look....

Mike Davenport's Home Page: If you don't appreciate the effort that went into this site, especially The Stamp Place, then you've never worked with graphics.

Minnie's Cyber Home: When you enter Minnie's little world, you actually enter four web sites with over 200 pages. Check out her own graphics, her Midi collection, her "Waters" pages, her Sci-Fi pages, and much, much more. She hails from Northern Germany but lives in Oklahoma, so make her feel welcome....

Nedscape: This is one of the more amusing sites I've visited in a while. Ned's site is a parody of Netscape, and he does it admirably. This is one where you have to follow every link, as some of the nuances are just to beautiful for words!

Pure Illusion Unicorns: This is a very pretty place to be and enjoyable in every respect. I especially appreciated the tributes page (the current tribute is to Elvis and is very moving) and the "Believe it or not?" page. The whole site is very well put together and I highly recommend it.

Pyramid Chinese Cresteds: Cara Christenson's site for her beautiful breed is filled with love, pride, and compassion. Don't visit this site without reading her award-winning "Free to a Good Home: A Death Sentence."

Racer's Roundup: This guy has done a lot of work to not only make his site look different than the norm, but pay tribute to those he loves. Of course, it doesn't hurt that he's a Texan....

Sarah's Homepage: 15-year old Sarah has a great site to visit for chat, surfin' links, freebies, or more. Easy to navigate and cleanly layed out, this site says Sarah's got her HTML licked.

Scars Publications: Janet Kuypers has created a nice web site with just the right blend of literature, promotion and commercialism for my taste. The writing is scattered around in various personal pages, collections and e-zines, but this doesn't detract at all. I liked most (but not all) of what I read, but by far the standout is Janet herself. There's much more to this site than the writing, but writing is what makes it. A definite bookmark for me....

Scheherazade's Little Bohemia on the Hinkson: I loved this site! It made me think, it made me reminisce, it made me laugh, and it made me want to meet its webmasteress. Go, read, interact, and enjoy!

Sheri's Circus of Links: I wouldn't normally award a web site composed of just links, but this site is an exception. It is well conceived, composed and executed, and truely contains something for everyone. The list of web design resources is worth the visit all by itself, and the kids' pages are a delight.

Silas McDowell and Southern Apples: Duane Phillips wrote me and asked if I knew anything about Isabella Grapes. He mentioned he had a web site about Silas McDowell, who did extensive experimentation on them in the third quarter of the 19th Century. I wrote him an essay and only later looked at his web site, which is quite impressive. Apples, grapes and sunflowers.... Read all about them here.

Smile: Sten Lassen, from Denmark, has thrown up a very enjoyable site designed to elicit smiles. I liked it. Hey, I even clicked on the link to the Coke machine at the University of Copenhagen, and guess what? It's just a Coke machine, but it has had at least 13,818 hits! Visit Sten and tell him the winemaker sent you.

Something's Brewing: Rick has created a wonderful, beer-centric web site worthy of anyone's attention. While it focuses on homebrewing, it doesn't do so exclusively and this allows a well-rounded site to develop. Personally, I enjoyed the cooking with beer (and ale) recipes best, but that's because I love to cook and am always on the lookout for new recipes. But if you simply like beer, I highly recommend you visit this site.

Spyder's Empire Personal Website Pages: Music, sports, poetry, movie and musical personalities, web site design -- Spyder's Empire has it all! Spyder's Empire is an eZine, worth visiting and then bookmarking for future visits. Don't miss it!

Steven's Homepage of Emergency Medical Services: This is good tribute to his EMS team. We need more sites like this on the web. Be sure to read the page entitled "How fast can you die in a crash?"

Sunset High School Alumni: Sunset High is the kind of web site that warms my heart to visit. This site is obviously a work of love by many, and it shows everywhere. When my own high school dies, as one day it surely will, I hope its memory is preserved in cyberspace as Sunset's is. My thanks to The Duchess for pointing me to this wonderful site.

The Skinners: It is refreshing to me to find a site that is dedicated to one's love of family and God, so I had little trouble presenting my award to The Skinners. Please visit them and explore their many layers of pages and links.

The Total Image Artwork and Graphic Design: I did not immediately warm to Teresa Antene's art, but befor my visit through her gallery was done, I was enthusiastic. By all means enlarge each and every thumbnail image. You can't begin to see them until you do.

So Much In Love: Here's an internet love story with a happy ending, which is refreshing to hear and read about. Rosie and Rocky share their stories, their kids, and their pets. Meet them, and feel warm inside....

Sweetness' Palace: I very much admire people who reveal something of themselves in their web site, and Pauline (aka Sweetness) does just that. I even liked her male bashing pages....

Thumper's World: This is a rather remarkable site, completely selfless and demonstrably caring. You'll learn things you may not want to know about diseases you probably never heard of before, but it's worth learning. And by all means, visit her poetry and enjoy....

Tom and Liz Benford's Web: Tom and Liz love vintage American cars, computer craft, their German Shepherd Kildrummy, wine, and each other. The site is a little commercial (plugging Tom's computer books and CDs), but just wait until you see his '33 Dodge Coupe and two 'Vettes....

Valentine Page: I don't usually confer my award on single-page sites, but in this case I made an exception. Kris obviously put a great deal of work into her page and the color coordination and graphics are appropriate to the theme. If you have a valentine, come here for ideals to celebrate Valentines' Day. If you don't have one, come here and be Kris'.

Valerie's Virtual Winemaking Cellar: If you want the most detailed instructions available on making wine, this is the place to get them. Valerie has done a great job and undoubtedly knows her stuff. Give her a visit.

German-American Cultural Heritage: Ken Wigger's web site is a small gem on a large beach. A collection of well-chosen links to other sites, it appears more graphic than it really is and loads lightning fast. Interested in German history, folk lore, travel and touring, genealogy, and more? Go here and explore.

Whisky, The Buxrud Single Malt Whisky Collection: This is an amazingly complex, well presented, and informative web site. You can tell that Ulf Buxrud loves his hobby....

The Willow Bridge Cyber Country Inn: Here is a web site that I thoroughly enjoyed. It has depth, substance, and something for just about everyone. Drop by and see what I mean!

Winemaking in Southampton: It's the content that impresses me, and perhaps the absence of spiffiness that seems to confirm their sincerity in that philosophy.

Last update was December 31st, 2002.

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