TV Westerns Quiz

A Quiz by Jack Keller

I was a western addict during TV's Golden Years, and there were plenty of westerns to watch. I made this quiz up during a week of lunch breaks and sent it out to 35 friends and family members, so y'all are the second group of people to ever see it.

Warning: it ain't easy! I would think if you get half right you'd have been a crackerjack TV addict yourself way back when...or a good trivia buff. Good luck.

  1. Character actor Walter Brennan starred during 1967-1969 in:
    1. "Into the West"
    2. "The Guns of Will Sonnett"
    3. "The Man Without a Gun"
    4. "Riverboat"
  2. Legendary singing cowboy Rex Allen starred in 1958-1959 as the title character in:
    1. "Casey Jones"
    2. "Father Murphy"
    3. "Frontier Doctor"
    4. "Gunslinger"
  3. From 1955 to 1963, former frontier scout Cheyenne Bodie drifts about the post-Civil War west in "Cheyenne," played by:
    1. James Garner
    2. Clint Walker
    3. Brian Keith
    4. Rod Taylor
  4. "The Range Rider" was a western TV series (79 episodes) produced by Gene Autry, but starring former stunt man Jock Mahoney, who later played the title character in the series:
    1. "Bat Masterson"
    2. "Johnny Ringo"
    3. "Yancy Derringer"
    4. "Tate"
  5. Western hero Hopalong Cassidy was played by what actor (who created the character himself)?
    1. William Boyd
    2. Edgar Buchanan
    3. Mark Slade
    4. James Drury
  6. From 1954 to 1957, she starred in 81 episodes of "Annie Oakley":
    1. Gail Storm
    2. Gail Summers
    3. Gail Denver
    4. Gail Davis
  7. The title role in "The Adventures of Jim Bowie" was played by:
    1. Guy Madison
    2. William Schallert
    3. Scott Forbes
    4. Chuck Connors
  8. "The Lawman" Dan Troop was played on TV by legendary screen actor:
    1. Hugh O'Brian
    2. John Russell
    3. Rory Calhoun
    4. Dale Robertson
  9. "The Texan" Bill Longley was played by legendary screen actor:
    1. Hugh O'Brian
    2. John Russell
    3. Rory Calhoun
    4. Dale Robertson
  10. The title role for TV's Wyatt Earp was played by legendary screen actor:
      John Russell
    1. Rory Calhoun
    2. Dale Robertson
  11. "Tales of Wells Fargo" starred legendary screen actor:
    1. Hugh O'Brian
    2. John Russell
    3. Rory Calhoun
    4. Dale Robertson
  12. Johnny Yuma was the fictional character played by Nick Adams in:
    1. "Rango"
    2. "The Rebel"
    3. "Tombstone Territory"
    4. "Wrangler"
  13. Before he starred in "Hawaii Five-O," Jack Lord played the title role about a rodeo rider named:
    1. "Hec Ramsey"
    2. "Destry"
    3. "Temple Houston"
    4. "Stoney Burke"
  14. Legendary Henry Fonda was lured to the small screen from 1959-1961 as Marshal Simon Fry in:
    1. "The Deputy"
    2. "Deadwood"
    3. "Frontier Justice"
    4. "Law of the Plainsman"
  15. Stuart Whitman played Marshal Jim Crown in:
    1. "The Dakotas"
    2. "Deadwood"
    3. "Cimarron Strip"
    4. "Frontier"
  16. Alan Ladd played "Shane" in the 1953 movie, but Who played him in the 1966 17-episode TV series?
    1. David Carradine
    2. Dennis Hopper
    3. Douglas Kennedy
    4. Robert Horton
  17. The fifth longest running TV western of all time was "Rawhide," with Eric Fleming playing trail boss Gill Favor and Clint Eastwood playing drover:
    1. Clay Forester
    2. Pete Nolan
    3. Rowdy Yates
    4. Simon Blake
  18. The 1962-1971 249-episode hit, "The Virginian," starred James Drury in the title role whose real name in the series was:
    1. Captain Josh Reynolds
    2. Matt Shiloh
    3. Simply "Daniel"
    4. Was never revealed
  19. The longest running western in history (20 years, 635 episodes) was Gunsmoke, starring James Arness as Marshal Matt Dillon, but before it was a series it was first:
    1. A book
    2. A movie
    3. A radio series
    4. A 7-act play
  20. Richard Boone played Paladin, an exceedingly well educated, ex-Army officer, gentleman and gunfighter in the 1957-1963 TV series, "Have Gun -- Will Travel', whose calling card listed his residence as:
    1. Carson City
    2. San Francisco
    3. Reno, Nevada
    4. Virginia City
The Answers

1. b. "The Guns of Will Sonnett"
2. c. "Frontier Doctor"
3. b. Clint Walker
4. c. "Yancy Derringer"
5. a. William Boyd
6. d. Gail Davis
7. c. Scott Forbes
8. b. John Russell
9. c. Rory Calhoun
10. a. Hugh O'Brian
11. d. Dale Robertson
12. b. "The Rebel"
13. d. "Stoney Burke"
14. a. "The Deputy"
15. c. "Cimarron Strip"
16. a. David Carradine
17. c. Rowdy Yates
18. d. Was never revealed
19. c. A radio series
20. b. San Francisco

The questions came from memory, although sometimes the actual answers escaped me or were remembered incorrectly. Hey, it was a ling time ago. But all answers were verified by two different sources on-line.

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