And our flag was still there....

In Memoriam

To those who perished, those who were injured, and all
who were touched, may God bless you and give you peace.

To those who would test this nation's resolve, may God
have mercy on your souls, for our people will not. Jack Keller

Worth Remembering

For all you canít remember
and for all you would forget,
a day to be remembered,
the brightest ember yet.
Itís a day we witnessed courage
in heroes never met.
By the grace of God
and love for country,
let us not forget.
That blue-sky morning
in September,
filled with heartbreak and regret.

Mack Gordon, guestbook entry
The Winemaking Home Page
April 13th, 2002

What is an American?

a Shockwave 911 Tribute presentation

Our Nation's Resolve

TThe above photograph is by Doug Kanter, Agence France-Presse. The
Shockwave "911 Tribute" is the work of Steve Golding and used with permission.
The graphic at Out Nation's Resolve is used with permission of Jeff Hobrath.

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