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Ultimate Award

The G Page's Ultimate Award

Liz's Award of Excellence

From Liz's Homepage, Liz's Award of Excellence

You Must See This Site! Award

Todd's Homepage's You Must See This Site! Award

AV8R's Great Site Award

From Rich and Mary's Homepage, AV8R's Great Site Award

GA's Bronze

From GA's Webspace, GA's Bronze Award

Chris's Superb Page Award

From Chris's Shack, Chris's Superb Page Award

Chris's 5-Star Site of the Week Award

From Chris's Shack, Chris's 5-Star Site of the Week Award

Rebel Yell Award

Angel in Dixie's Rebel Yell Award for a Good Homesite

Wave of the Day Award

From Hit the Beach! Wave of the Day Award for March 28th, 1998

Dragon Award Top Site

Ancient Warriors BBS Home Page's Dragon Award Top Site

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