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A Letter to Congress

On April 26th, 2007, Congress voted a defense appropriations bill that contained an increase
in the minumum wage, 26 billion dollars of pork, and a timeline to surrender and withdraw from
Iraq. Our troops need ammunition, fuel, food, water, bulletproof vests, and much, much more --
and our real support. Instead they got politics. I sent the following letter that day to my
Member of Congress, but I have modified it slightly here to be generic. Jack Keller

Dear Congressman,

I want you to know that I support the Congress of the United States. I support each and every member of the House and Senate.

Because I support you and your colleagues, I will not speak against you or encourage anyone else to speak ill of you.

And, because I support you, I will not provide you or any member of Congress with any moral, material or financial resources you might need to do your job for the benefit of this or any other nation.

In fact, I support you so much that I want you to stop doing the job I voted for you to do.

Indeed, I support you so much that I want you to leave Washington as soon as possible and return home.

I support you so much that I will even bribe my friends and neighbors into demanding that you leave Washington. If that does not work, I will block their driveways and only unblock them if they support you the same way I do.

Yes, I support Congress, and Congress has shown me how it supports our troops.


Jack Keller
Pleasanton, TX

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This page was posted April 26th, 2007.