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Flyfishing Thoughts and Links

"Flyfishing is not about fishing and not about flies,
but rather about communing with nature."

There is, to me, no feeling quite comparable to that experienced after studying a river and its environs, correctly selecting the appropriate fly, laying it gently where it will drift naturally to the chosen spot, and then, suddenly, watching it be taken by the intended prey. A quick flick of the wrist sets the hook and then the water explodes with the frenzied fight of a contending trophy King salmon, steelhead, rainbow, cutthroat, brown, or brookie. To have outwitted the ever-cautious instincts of the adversary is but the beginning, for it is the play and the netting that is the main event.

To those who think of flyfishing as sport, I pray we never meet. Flyfishing may be many things, but sport should not be one of them. On the one hand, it is the natural extension of the art of fly-tying and, on the other, is an art unto itself. But, in its sublime essence resides a respect for and communion with nature and life. As a process, flyfishing is an integration of understanding, of presentation, of skill and cunning, all subconsciously interwoven and operating while the fisherman's mind drifts, reflects, contemplates, and appreciates among endlessly changing vistas. Only when the fly is taken is focus required, for all else is, or at least should be, both outwardly reflexive while inwardly relaxing, therapeutic and almost spiritual by design. These attributes belong to no sport of which I know.

To flyfish for food is acceptable where allowed and needed, but to release the catch back into its native habitat--not to be caught again another day, but to honor its struggle for survival--is to give ultimate homage to the fish and the art of catching it, and elevates the mere flyfisherman to the realm of reverent naturalist.

Jack B. Keller, Jr., flyfisherman

Jack Keller's Favorite Flyfishing Links

Adam's Fly Fishing Page
Alaska Flyfishers
American Museum of Fly Fishing
B.C. Flyfishing
Bamboo Rodmaker's Directory
Bamboo Rodmaker's Workshop
Basic Fly Tying
Blog: Urban Flyfishing on the Kelvin
Bob's Gone Fishin'
British Columbia Flyfishing Resources
Cane Rod Building FAQ
Crowsnest River Flyfishing
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Fish Utah
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Fly Fishing: The Dead Drift Reviews
Flyfishing Adventures
Flyfishing Bytes Magazine
Flyfishing in Alaska
Flyfishing Links Page
Flyfishng Magazine
Flyfishing Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Flyfishing Online (Links)
Flyfishing The Green River
Flyfishing the West
Flyfishing Yellowstone
Flyman's Realm
Fly Patterns from FlyFish
Fly Rod & Reel Magazine/Welcome
Grady's Flyfishing & Flytying Page
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
Headwaters Bamboo
Jason Amy: A fly Page
Jay's Flyfishing Page
Joel's Flyfishing Page
L.J.'s Flyfishing Page
Mayfly Central
MidCurrent Fly Fishing
Mikael's Flyfishing Page
Missouri Flyfishing Page
New Mexico Flyfishing
Nic's Fly Page
Niemiera Fly Rods
North Georgia Trout On-Line
Northern California Fly Fishing
One Mann & His Fly - Patterns
One Mann & His Fly
Oregon Council of the Federation Of Fly Fishers
Outdoors OnLine Inc.
Oxbow Gold Medal Flyfishing Report
Pennsylvania Fly Fishing
Physics of Fly Casting
Rocky Mountain Flyfishing Center
Rod Warrior Flyfishing Page
Round Rocks Flyfishing
Salmon Page
Southern Council Federation of Flyfishers
Southwest Council Federation of Flyfishers
State or Regional Flyfishing Pages
Stillwater Flyfishing
The Fishing Hole
The McKenzie Page
The Portage
To Cast the Fly
Trout Unlimited
Trout Unlimited Canada
Trout Unlimited--North Carolina
Tweed Salmon Fishing
Virtual Flyfisherman's Chat Room
Wastach Time
Western Montana Flyfishing
Wisconsin Flyfishing Page

Texas Fishing and Flyfishing Links

Brazos Flyfishers - Texas Flyfishing At Its Best
Dallas Flyfishers
Fishing in Graham, Texas
Fort Worth Flyfishers
Guadalupe River Trout Unlimited
Gulf Coast Flyrodders
Hart's Texas Flies
Hill Country Fly Fishing
Lone Star Guide to Texas Lakes and Lunkers
Mel Phillips' Southwest Outdoors
Texas Parks & Wildlife Web Page
Texas Rainbow Trout Stocking Schedule
Texas Fishing -- The Official Page

Fly Patterns and Tying

Arizona Flyfishing Page
BeginningFly Tying
Crocheted Flies Information
Glen Baglo's Page
Grady's Flytying Page
Idaho Flyfishing Resources
Joel Dunn's Fishing Page:
Killroy's Fly Tying Site
Mike Hogue's Midwest Fly Tying
New England Streamer Page
New York Sportfishing and Aquatic Resources Education Program Homepage
Robert Heller's Fly Pattern Page
The Other L.J.'s Fly Tying Page
Tying the Blue Winged Olive
Tying the Humpy
Wes Newman's Fly Tying Emporium
Whip Finishing by Hand
The WWW Fly Tyer

Fly Swaps on the Web

Bass Bug Fly Swap Homepage
1997 Bass Bug Fly Swap
Dry Fly Swap Homepage
FF@Small Fly Swap
1996 Hangover Nymph Fly Swap Homepage
New Year's Day 1997 Salmon Fly Swap
Quickie Flaming Fly Swap Homepage
Steelhead Swap
Terresterial Fly Swap
1996 Terresterial Fly Swap
Warm Water Fly Swap Homepage
Wooly Bugger Swap

Commercial Flyfishing Links

Ackland Hand Built Bamboo Fly Rods
AK's Fly Tying Tools
All Outdoors
Alpine Adventures--Utah
Andy's Fly Shop
Anglers Choice Fly Shop
Anglers Image
Anglers Online
Angler's Workshop
Antique & Secondhand Flyfishing Tackle
Art Weiler Rods
AYR Reels
Bass Pro Shops
Bearlodge Angler
Bent River Fly Fishing Outfitters
Bitterroot Rods
Blackwood House
Bob Marriot's Flyfishing Store
Bozeman Angler
Brookside Rod Co.
Buchanan Tackle (NZ) Limited
Caitlin's Mayflies
California School of Flyfishing
Camp and Fish Ennis, Montana
Canoe Outriggers for flyfishing
Capt'n Mikes Tackle Towne
Caster's Flies
Chuck Stranahan's Flies & Guides
Classic Angler
Classic Angler Update
Classic Line
Clear Creek Productions
Climax Line and Leaders
Cortland Lines, etc.
Daiichi Hooks
Daiwa Homepage
Don Hill's Driftboats
Ed Barrett's Antique Fishing Tackle Exchange
Evening Rise Tours
Fine Line Classic Collection
Fintastic Fish Mounts
Fisher Rod Co.
Fishing International
Fly & Field
FLYbase Home Page
Fly Box
Flyfishers Online
Fly Fisherman's Virtual Flyshop
Flyfishing Broadcast Network
Fly Fishing Gear Review
Fly Fishing Network
Flyfishing Online Flyshop
Fly Shop
Flywater Publishing
For a List of Free Fishing Catalogs
G. Loomis Rod Co.
Gatti Flyrods
Global Flyfisher
Go Fish T-Shirts
Grand River Fly Line Co.
Green River Rodmakers
Hank's Flyfishing Specialties
Harper Creek Custom Rods
Hat Creek Traders
Heart of America Flyfishers
Hexagraph Fly Rods
Hook and Hackle
Idaho Steelhead & Salmon Unlimited
Internet Mall
Ireland -- Salmon Fishing on the Cork Blackwater
Jedz Fishing Hats
Kaufmann's Streamborn
King of the Hill
L.L. Bean
Little Grizzly Creek Flyfishing
Lyons Rod Company
Mark's Flyrods
McKenzie Fly Tackle
Mill Creek Fishing Rods
Monic Clear Fly Lines
North-East FlyFishing
Palsa Outdoor Products
Penn Reels
Performance Fly Rods
Powell Rod Co.
Rainy's Flies and Supplies
Redington Fly Rods and Reels
River of Life Farm
River Otter Craft
Robichaud Reels
Rocky Mountain Flyfishing Business Directory
Rocky Mountain Fly Group
Ross Reels
Sage Manufacturing:
Salvelinus Custom Flyrods
San Juan River Flyfishing Page
Scott Rod Co.
Southern Trout Flyfishing
St. Croix Rods
STH Reels
Strictly Trout--Vermont Flyfishing
Sun Dog Cases
Tailored Fly Rods
Thomas & Thomas Rods
Tim Damon's Fly Fishing Supply Co.
Titeline Fishing and Tying Products
Trembling Aspen
Twin Pines Bamboo Fly Rods
Urban Angler
Urban Flyfishing on the River Kelvin
Versitex Rods
Virtual Flyshop
Vitek Corp.
WaterWisp Flies
Walton Powell - Master Rod Maker
WhiteWater Lures
Winston Rod Co.
Women’s Flyfishing
World Wide Anglers

General Fishing Web Sites

American Museum of Flyfishing
Bamboo Fly Rod
Beginner's Netguide to Fly Fishing
Bill Cass' Fly Fishing Home Page
Building Bamboo Fly Rods
Cane Rod Building FAQ
Casting Angles
Fishing Fools World
Fishing Tips from Zachary Hale
Gadabout Gaddis -- The Fly Fisherman
Glossary of Fly Fishing Terms
Hall of Fame - Freshwater Fishing
History of Flyfishing
Idaho Steelhead & Salmon Unlimited
Knots on the Web
Knots - by Dave Whitlock
Myths, Legends, Lies and other Trout Fishing Facts
The Physics of Fly Casting
RodMakers Homepage
Rx FlyFish Homepage

Miscellaneous Useful Links

Adventurous Traveler Bookstore
Black Bear Fly Fishing Graphics
Book Review List
Fly Fishing Travel Online
Golden Age of Angling
Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
Mark Thomas' Free Wildlife Photo Gallery
Mark Vinsel's Art Gallery
Soaring Design -- Flyfishing Bronze Collectibles

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