Winemaking Home Page's Compensatory Disclosure Policy

The Winemaking Home Page is written and edited by Jack Keller. This website abides by honesty of relationship, opinion and identity and operates under the following policy regarding compensatory disclosure. Within this policy, "we," "this website" and "Jack Keller" are one and the same.

This website receives monetary compensation for conspicuous advertising and certain affiliate programs identified below. We do not accept any form of paid topic insertions or product endorsements. However, primarily in association with Jack Keller's WineBlog, the blog associated with this website, we will and do accept, keep, use, or consume occasional free product samples, review copies of publications provided by the publisher or author, accept free event registrations, and accept other forms of compensation (e.g. travel, lodging) from companies and organizations which may not specifically be identified.

Because there are major differences in the general policies of this website and Jack Keller's WineBlog, the latter has a distinctly different compensatory disclosure policy found here. Except as noted there, the policy contained on this page pertains to the remainder of this website.

Product reviews in this website are written by and honestly express the opinion(s) of Jack Keller. With the rare exception of books provided for review, all product reviews are freely written without any prior or subsequent compensation or prompting.

While we mention many, many products and books associated with winemaking, we have never been paid or compensated to endorse or "plug" a product.

The overwhelming majority of books reviewed on this website were purchased by us. However, on occasion a book is provided by the publisher with hope of a review but without promise of one by us. Our only promise is to attempt to read the book.

The owner of this website has an affiliate relationship with Google AdSense as a pay-per-click advertising facilitator and with Amazon and LivingDirect / WineCoolerDirect as product retailers paying a commission on sales resulting from links on this website. Any companies providing monetized compensation to this website for sales, subscriptions or services will be identified here or on the page where the promotion is made.

This website does not knowingly contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

This policy was enunciated on January 3, 2011 and was last updated July 25, 2014.