This poem was written in San Francisco as a contemplation upon a love, marriage and divorce. Michele was my second wife.


I have needed no one since
Michele went her own way,
taking back without expense
the vows she made one day.
There were moments so intense
that lived here by the bay,
sharing time without pretense
and no one to betray.

Then she shared her boundless love
of God and humankind,
held me like a fragile dove
and peered into my mind.
Up inside with downward shove
her body captured mine,
fitting like the finest glove
that one could ever find.

Next there came a moment spent
enraptured by the bliss,
finding truths that can't be bent
by passion's passing kiss.
Through her soul I saw a glint
of hovering abyss,
naked aching for the scent
she never knew to miss.

Yes, she gave to me a gift
of time that took no toll,
just a bit she gave with thrift
but nothing to extol.
Then she left me cast adrift
with memories I stole,
gave me just a moment's lift
onto a pleasant knoll.

Yes, she peered into my heart
for just the briefest time,
saw the target and the dart
of her impending crime.
Then she found that secret part
where all my moments rhyme,
laid her flesh upon the chart
of memories sublime.

Blessed was that lover then
who shared with me the nest,
pulling me into the den
where all illusions rest.
Cast adrift and loveless when
she took from me my best,
potential still was left within
the vault inside my chest.

Jack Keller

This page was created June 2nd, 2000.

Contemplation, 1997-2011 by Jack B. Keller, Jr. of Pleasanton, Texas.
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