Love is so damned urgent, and the passions felt when writing love poems so damned limitless! Beware the poetic proposal.... (The title is a misnomer, as this was written many years after 1980. This poem is, as are the bulk of those here, named after a lithograph by the late Christine Rosamond.)

Circa 1980

Oh sweetheart, how I ache for you!
There is a glory in my pain;
all that I am I now subdue
and with your love am born again!

The essence that resides in me
is reaching out to fuse this love;
two souls forever we could be
encased within a hallowed glove!

Oh sweetheart, I know that you feel
an aching like my very own;
cast out your cards, let life redeal
a better hand than you have known!

You felt, my love, the pulse within
my heart against your naked face;
come make within our lives a den
where pulsing hearts can interlace!

Oh sweetheart, feel this energy
that I project from in my soul!
And feel the unbound synergy
that from our pieces makes a whole!

Embrace the time that we have left
in life and stand here by my side!
To live apart would be a theft
of happiness unqualified!

Oh sweetheart, all the love I give
will never waver in this life!
Come join this soul that we might live
embraced by God as man and wife!

Jack Keller

This page was created June 2nd, 2000.


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