This poem was written after calling someone (who was not at home) who was about to move away (from San Francisco). The pain spoken of was a previous marriage....



Chemistry does not bestow
fertility to seed,
colors did not make Van Gogh
collectable indeed.
But a woman's inner glow
is beauty, I concede,
there to bathe in and to know,
to cherish without greed.

There is one who glows for me
and washes me like rain,
one whose very chemistry
makes mine a bit profane.
There is one who sets me free,
but binds me like a chain,
one whose face I need to see
to still an ancient pain.

Every time I see her face
my heart begins to sing,
measured beat and rhymes that race
to fill a hollow ring.
Love reborn, and I embrace
it like I welcome Spring,
wiping from me every trace
of pain I used to cling.

Time is short, the hour late,
too little came our way;
she is out and here I wait
to hear her voice this day.
Soon our lives will separate
and she will slip the quay,
these few morsels I equate
with life will go away.


Sweetheart, I am sure you know
I hold you very dear,
pains I suffered long ago
dissolved when you came here.
Take from me this love I sow
so freely without fear,
though I know that you must go
and with you all my cheer.

I was pleased just knowing you
and being near, but I'm
not prepared to bid adieu
to one I hold sublime.
Come back soon and join unto
this heart that sings in rhyme,
all the love that I imbue
is your's to hold in time.

Jack Keller

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