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The Winemaking Home Page

by Jack Keller of Pleasanton, Texas (just south of San Antonio)

Custom wine refrigeration cooler

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June 5,2018

If our website has helped you in your wine or mead making
endeavors, and you feel moved to help offset our expenses, you may...

wine bottle Prelude: "My gratitude exceeds my reward."
wine bottle Introduction to Winemaking: "It can be simple...."
wine bottle Getting Started: "...do it right"
wine bottle My Approach: "Drink no wine before its time."
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wine bottle A Different Approach: "If it is not moving, ferment it!"

wine bottle Winemaking Home Page Search Engine: "Now you can
blank spaceSEARCH this site!"

wine bottle Jack Keller's WineBlog: "First wine blog on the net!"
blank space Updated 10/20/16
wine bottle Wine Accessories: "fine wine glasses and corkscrews"
blank space Good reviews!

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wine bottle Glossary of Winemaking Terms: "A new language...."
wine bottle The Basic Steps: "The fundamentals...in detail."
wine bottle Advanced Winemaking Basics: "The foundations...."
blank spacetwo portions updated 8/10/16!
wine bottle The Miracle of Yeast : "All about yeast and their strains."
wine bottle Winemaking Questions : "Questions and answers...."

wine bottle Winemaking Recipes: "You can experiment, or...."
blank space"The largest collection on the Internet today!!!"
wine bottle Requested Recipes: "Answering viewer needs...."
wine bottle Visitor-Submitted Recipes: "Recipes shared by viewers"
blank space More recipes--
wine bottle Wines from Wild Edible Plants : "Nature will provide...."
blank space MORE winemaking recipes--
wine bottle Making Wines in Texas : "If it ain't toxic...."
blank space You don't have to be a Texan to try'em!
wine bottle Native North American Grapes and Recipes : "Good wine"
blank space Wild grapes grow almost everywhere....

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wine bottle The Winemaker's Library: "Essential references...."
wine bottle Winemaking & Homebrew Shops: "You've got to buy it
blank space somewhere...."

wine bottle Winemaking on the Web: "Resources galore!"
wine bottle Wine Labels: "Making your own wine labels"
wine bottle San Antonio Regional Wine Guild: "My club's web site"

wine bottle The Potential Health Benefits of Red Wine Comsumption :
blank space"It's not just good, it's good for you, too."
wine bottle Six Short Poems About Wine: by Jack Keller

wine bottle Other Pages: "Go ahead, click on something!"
blank spaceFlyfishing,
blank spaceCollecting Hummels,
blank spaceColorado College,
blank spaceStamp Collecting
blank spaceThe Webmaster,
blank spaceYour Page,
blank spaceMy Colita, updated 4/28/08
blank spaceThe Art of Christine Rosamond,
blank spaceTexas,
blank spaceQuizes by Jack Keller,
blank spaceand much, much more!

Winemaking Books of the Month

Great references or gifts for the serious winemaker

Winemaking Book of the Month

Winemaking: Recipes, Equipment, and Techniques for Making Wine at Home
by Stanley F. Anderson, Dorothy Anderson

book cover blank spaceList Price: $22.00
blank spaceOur Price: $19.79 Amazon Prime; other vendors new from $2.14
blank spaceAvailability: Usually ships
blank spacewithin 24 hours.

blank spacePaperback 304 pages (1st
blank spaceEdition, August 1989)

blank spaceBook Description:
blank spaceA solid reference work for
blank spacemaking home wines

If you've never before made wine but want to try it, or if you've been making it for years but simply want a solid recipe or reference work, Winemaking : Recipes, Equipment, and Techniques for Making Wine at Home is a good place to start.

The Andersons have written a book anyone can use. The writing is not always straightforward and concise, but it is lay-oriented, and you won't need a degree in chemistry to understand it. For the beginner, it is a good primer. For the advanced winemaker, it will be instantly understandable and useful.

As another reviewer pointed out, this is a book to be used. The spiral binding allows you to open the book to the recipe you want and lay it on the counter without using weights to hold it open. While some of the recipes may need adjustments to the amounts of the ingredients listed, as a recipe developer I can assure you this is unavoidable. Fruits, berries, grapes, and grape concentrates vary in the amounts of sugar, acidity, tannin, and pectin they contain. Still, the Andersons' recipes are good places to start.(Reviewed by Jack Keller)

Order here from Amazon.com

Bonus Selection:

Techniques In Home Winemaking (Revised & Expanded) A Practical Guide to Making Chateau-Style Wines
by Daniel Pambianchi

book cover blank spaceOur Price: $28.44 Amazon Prime; Other vendors new from $13.27
blank spaceAlso available in paperback
blank spaceAvailability: Usually ships within
blank space24 hours.

blank spaceHardback 512 pages
blank spaceApril 2012)

blank spaceBook Description:
blank spaceA competent guide to making
blank spacepremium grape wines at home

This is a very good book, geared toward achieving good wine from average grapes through proven methods of balancing aroma, body, clarity, color, taste, and style. In all, it succeeds in achieving these goals.

It also contains a number of very valuable appendices. But the whole of the book is peppered with detailed and useful charts, tables and illustrative figures. I highly recommend this book.

Read a review of this book

Order here from Amazon.com

Bonus Selection:

Postmodern Winemaking: Rethinking the Modern Science of an Ancient Craft
by Clark Smith

book cover blank spaceList Price: $39.95
blank spaceOur Price: $34.95 Amazon Prime; Other vendors new from $21.44
blank spaceAvailability: Usually ships
blank spacewithin 2-3 days.

blank spaceHardback 368 pages (1st
blank spaceEdition, November 2013)

blank spaceBook Description:
blank spaceRe-examining the science of
blank spacemodern winemaking and beyond

If you understand the technical terms, or will bother to look them up, this is either an invaluable work or a complete waste of money for any winemaker. While it is most certainly aimed at the large scale (commercial) winemaker, even us amateurs can benefit in countless ways from reading (and hopefully digesting) this book. However, if your winemaking education is already optimized and your beliefs poured in concrete you will probably find the book of little value. For either case, the book is thought-provoking in most of the right places. It just depends on how open one is to the author's thoughts and philosophical biases (he isn't a fan of "natural" winemaking—nor am I).

For me, Postmodern Winemaking was a good read, even though I had to read portions more than once to grasp the implications—some subtle and some blunt opinions. I particularly enjoyed the author's injection of humor scattered throughout which made it fun to read.

Clark Smith's discussions of micro-oxygenation and reverse osmosis require investments that may be beyond the budget of most amateur winemakers, but they do allow one to appreciate them more fully. Also, his discussions of tannin and anthocyanin polymerization and the impact and evolution (or is it devolution?) of acids in wine are especially important in my opinion.

To be succinct, the book may be a challenge to many, but is certainly worth reading and digesting if you make wine.

Order here from Amazon.com

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Blackberry Wines

More than you ever wanted to know about blackberries, their varieties, and 10 recipes for declicious blackberry wines, including five new recipes never published before anywhere.

Dandelion Wines

The ultimate collection of 30 dandelion wine recipes, including Jack Keller's very best! Plus, 12 additional dandelion-based wine recipes.

Watermelon Wines

Here are 10 recipes for delicate and sometimes exquisite wines, including five new recipes never published before anywhere. Watermelon wines can be difficult to make well, but when successful they elicit awe and genuine respect....

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If our website has helped you in your wine or
mead making endeavors, and you feel moved to
contribute to help offset our expenses, please...

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